Our Clients

Why Finex

The pioneer and specialist in Modular Furniture Solutions

  • Over 10 years of experience in this still nascent industry
  • A professional team of Interior designers with specializations in Furniture designing
  • Use of ergonomics – a scientific method of designing interiors
  • One of the largest manufacturers and marketers of Modular Furniture and products in India
  • A network of over 228 Finex dealers across India

Finex vs Carpenter Made Kitchen


Design Options:
• Limited options, depending on the carpenter’s resources.

• Hand-made, and thus lacks precision, finish and quality.

Planning & Design:
• Lacks the know-how of space management.
• You have little or no control on the final product.

• No guarantee.

Time Span:
• Depends on the efficiency of the carpenter.
• Both fabrication and assembling is done onsite, means your home turns into a workshop for a very long time.

After-Sales Service:
• Non-existent

• In terms of money spend – a cheaper option.
• Convenience and looks deteriorate over usage, meaning more money spent servicing.

Design options:
• Minimum design alternatives. Designing if done, is very restricted.

Space Management:
• Cannot be adapted to accommodate specific space and storage issues.